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      Temporary Fence

      Temporary fence, also known as mobile fence, temporary isolation fence, mobile safety fence .Temporary fence applicable to temporary isolation, temporary ring, is a very flexible product.

      From the perspective of technology, temporary fence can be divided into two types. 1 welded Temporary fence 2 weaved Temporary fence



      Welded Temporary fencemain specification

      Wire diameter:3.6-6mm

      aperture:50X200mm 75X150mm 80X160mm 100X200mm等

      Height :1.0-2.0m


      Post :square post ,Circularpost,Peach shapepostand NewSecuritypost.

      Surface treatment:hot galvanized、 plastic coated、plastic painted、electro galvanized etc

      colour:mainly blue and green

      Other specification making according to your requirements .

      Weaved Temporary fencemain specification

      Wire diameter:1.5-4mm

      aperture:50X50mm 60X60mm 70X70mm

      Mesh panel size:1mX2m 1.5mX2m 2mX2.5m 2mx3m

      post:square post and Circular post

      Surface treatment:PVCcoated,hot galvanized,electro galvanized etc.

      Main colour:green and blue

      Other specification making according to your requirements .


      • Temporary Fence

      • Temporary Fence

      • Temporary Fence

      • Temporary Fence


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