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      Can Wire Mesh Fence be Constructed in Winter?

      Feb. 17, 2020


      Can the barbed wire fence be constructed in winter? Let me tell you as an Animal Wire Mesh Fencing Manufacturer.

      Let' s take a look at the product first with this question. The reason someone asks this is that they must have thoughts in this area, but they do n’t know the product well, so what they need is to understand the product first.

      Galvanized Cattle Fence

      Galvanized Cattle Fence

      There are many Wire Mesh Fence products and different products in different fields, so manufacturers are still doing a good job in this regard, and they are also considering comprehensively. They cannot be used in any kind of product. This will be a bit far-fetched, but No matter which kind of products are metal products, some surfaces are galvanized, and some are sprayed or dipped. Since they are metal products, they are different from other plastic products. Metal products are not so fragile, so construction in winter is not affected by the weather.

      Although the barbed wire fence can be constructed in winter, some preparations must be made in advance, such as embedding the foundation. In the south, there may not be so many issues to consider, but in the northwest or northeast, you must consider this issue. Not doing well in advance also brings a lot of constant to the winter construction, which not only consumes labor but also affects the construction progress.

      Let ’s take a look at the seasons we are familiar with. Winter is one of the four seasons. Astronomically, it is from December to March. China is used to refer to the three months from the beginning of winter to the beginning of spring. It also refers to the lunar calendar “ten, eleven, and December” A total of three months. Time is different in the northern and southern hemispheres. According to the meteorological significance, in the temperate and cold zones of the southern hemisphere, winter is in June, July, and August (may also be from May 21 to August 22 according to constellation standards), in the temperate and cold zones of the northern hemisphere, and winter is on December 1, and February (also can be said from November 21st to February 18th according to the constellation standard). Divided by the meaning of solar terms, winter starts from the beginning of winter and ends at the beginning of spring. Westerners generally call the winter solstice to spring. In terms of climatology, the average temperature is below 10 ° C for 5 consecutive days as winter.

      As for barbed wire fence construction in winter? The answer is yes, but work well in advance, otherwise it will not only take time and effort but also reduce the quality of use.

      Our company also has Galvanized Cattle Fence on sale, welcome to consult.


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