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      How Should Welded Wire Mesh Fence be Installed Correctly?

      Feb. 04, 2020


      When equipment Welded Wire Mesh Fence is used, it is necessary to pay attention to a few issues. After the equipment is over, the highway fence network can play a good role in protection. But what kind of equipment do you need to pay attention to after all? Welded Wire Mesh Fence Factory tells us about this problem. In urban construction, there is a wide range of applications and the height of equipment highway fences.

      Welded Wire Mesh Fence

      Welded Wire Mesh Fence

      The height of the fence netting column also determines the equipment height of the isolation equipment. This is still a very important parameter in the design. The value of the height has a direct impact on fraud and application. The height of the guardrail should be selected in consideration of the density of people and the terrain along the line. There are several options for using cold-formed and other side-channel steel specifications to choose differently acceptance conditions.

      Rules can only be applied when other steels are most suitable for the shape of the cross-section to meet the conditions of strength and stability. From the perspective of the primary acceptance direction of channel steel columns, the choice of specifications is still channeled steel whose demand is based on the centroid principal inertia of the y-axis. When people enter the highway, it is necessary to damage the fence net first, and the damage direction is below 1.2 meters. Set a relatively high fence, even if it can be good to prevent people from overtaking.

      It cannot prevent people from entering the highway, but also can truly regulate legal awareness and social civilization. For the selection of fence nets, especially when the fence nets are applied to the fences on the highway, as the user, especially the person in charge of the equipment, it is necessary to know how to install the highway fence nets. Only by knowing clearly can we know the specific equipment methods, so as to avoid the trouble and problems caused by the equipment, so that the fence network can be used normally.

      Then the fence net is made of iron wire. Generally, when prisons purchase this kind of product, it is expected that its service life will be relatively long, so it is very important to do rust prevention treatment. The two ways of spraying plastics are literally the same, but in fact, there are many differences in the process used.

      Immersion plastic products are based on steel, usually, the whole raw material is immersed next to the steel solute. The processed fence net has many advantages such as corrosion resistance, rust resistance, acid and alkali resistance, moisture resistance, aging resistance, environmental protection and long life. It is widely used in some large-scale high-speed fence nets, railway fence nets, garden protection nets, anti-theft nets for civilian residences, and net fences.

      Our company also has Traffic Road Control Fence on sale, welcome to consult.


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