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      Gabion Mesh

      Gabion mesh by the high-quality steel wire twisted machine from the twisted. Can be used for slope support, foundation pit support, mountain rock face hanging net shotcrete, slope vegetation (green), railway freeway isolation retaining block, it can also be made of stone cage, stone pad for rivers, dams And seawall anti-erosion protection and reservoirs, river closure with rock crater.



      Gabion Boxes80x100mm100x120mmMesh Wire Dia.2.70mmZinc coating: >260g/m2
      Edge Wire Dia.3.40mmZinc coating: >275g/m2
      Tie Wire Dia.2.20mmZinc coating: >240g/m2
      Mesh Wire Dia.2.20mmZinc coating: >240g/m2
      Edge Wire Dia.2.70mmZinc coating: >260g/m2
      Tie Wire Dia.2.20mmZinc coating: >240g/m2
      Special sizes are available.Mesh Wire Dia.2.00~4.00mm
      Edge Wire Dia.2.70~4.00mm
      Tie Wire Dia.2.00~2.20mm

      Material: low carbon steel wire

      Surface treatment

      1). Hot-dip galvanizing. The maximum amount of zinc can reach 300g / m2. Strong anti-corrosion

      2). Gore where the (zinc-aluminum alloy). This is divided into two materials, zinc -5% aluminum - mixed rare earth alloy steel wire, zinc -10% aluminum mixed rare earth alloy steel wire. Anti-corrosion super

      3). PVC plastic package. The thickness of the package is generally 1.0mm thickness of the package, for example: 2.7mm package after 3.7mm. Strong anti-corrosion

      Cut off: the gabion in the long direction of each meter plus a partition

      Size: can be customized

      The aperture, the diameter of the wire control range

      Package:with plastic cloth and box or pallet


      The economy. Simply put the stone into the cage seal can be.

      Construction is simple, no special technology.

      Has a strong resistance to natural damage and corrosion resistance and resistance to adverse weather effects.

      Can withstand a wide range of deformation, and still not collapse.

      Cave stone slit between the sludge is conducive to plant production, with the surrounding natural environment melting into one.

      Has good permeability, can prevent the damage caused by hydrostatic.

      Save transportation costs. Can be folded up transport, assembly at the site.

      Progress faster, conducive to rush time: multi-group construction at the same time, parallel, flow-shop.


      • Gabion Mesh

      • Gabion Mesh

      • Gabion Mesh

      • Gabion Mesh

      Control and guide rivers and floods: Gabion Baskets can make the river bed to be permanently protected, effectively prevent water erosion river bank to destroy, causing flooding, resulting in life and property suffered heavy losses, a large loss of water and soil.

      Channel, canal, river bed: natural river transformation and artificial channel excavation, gabion can be on the river bank or river bed to play an effective permanent protection, it can control the flow of water to prevent water loss, especially in the environment Protection and water quality maintenance, with excellent efficacy.

      Revetment revetment: the stone cage gabion structure application and the rivers and lakes and the slope foot protection is a very successful case, it gives full play to the advantages of ecological grid, to other methods can not achieve the desired effect.

      Trade Terms

      Payments:L/C;T/T;D/P etc.

      MOQ:50sets or by discussion

      Port:Xingang Port, China

      Delivery time:Within 10-30 days after receiving customer's Purchasng Order


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      Fax: +86 318 7815 313

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